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About Barbara Harris & The Looping Group

Barbara Harris is a name synonymous with professional Voice Casting in the entertainment industry. Her company, THE LOOPING GROUP, is renowned for the outstanding talent and professionalism of her actors, and she has provided unparalleled creative assistance casting voices in literally thousands of motion picture and television productions.

Whether it is a complete re-voice for a lead actor, an exact sound-alike for a major star, or basic group A.D.R. (Walla), Hollywood knows exactly who to call: Barbara Harris! For projects with special language needs, she has located native speakers of languages from Apache to Yiddish, from Cambodian to Urdu-Hindi, and often at a moments notice.

Barbara has worked closely with such notable and respected directors such as Tony Scott, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, John Singleton, Joel and Ethan Coen, George Miller, Steven Speilberg, Clint Eastwood, Curtis Hansen, Christopher Nolan, Frank Darabont, Tim Burton, Michael Mann, Gus Van Sant, Peter Jackson, Paul Thomas Anderson, Barry Sonnenfeld, Tyler Perry, Kenneth Branagh, Shawn Levy, Robert Redford, Jon Turteltaub, Brad Siberling, Jodi Foster, M. Night Shyamalan and the late John Frankenheimer.

All projects receive the same personal care and attention, whether blockbuster features such as “Hangover 2”, “Captain America”, “Inception”, “The Dark Knight” and “Eclipse”, weekly television series such as “Mad Men”, “Bones”, or “Luck”, animated films such as “Happy Feet”, “The Simpsons Movie”, or “Alice in Wonderland”, IMAX presentations such as “NASCAR”, or independent films. As technology continues to advance, so has the need for professional voice casting, and Barbara has helped fill those needs by providing actors for numerous CD-ROM games such as “Infamous”, “Tony Hawk: Ride”, or “Final Fantasy 13”, and theme park attractions at venues like Disneyland and Walt Disney’s Epcot Center.

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